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Christmas time

Updated at 2009-12-22T01:34:00+02:00

7 more books since the last post. Two more this year, and I'll reach my book-a-week goal. I'm currently reading Accelerando, and I might read the latest Remes thriller too, if I get my hands on it, which would bring me to my goal.

At least Christmas time is conductive for reading. No fixed schedules, mostly, and some slow holiday days with nothing much else to do. Although I think I'll spend more of my time working this Christmas then the years before.

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Dump II

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Q: What do you do when you have read a dozen or so books without writing about them?

A: Dump them into one entry and try to get more regular about writing again.

Q: How? They are in this silly file in this silly XML format.

A: xmlstarlet sel -t -e books -m /entries/entry/books/book -c . future-entries.xml |xmlstarlet fo > foo.xml and then C-x C-f foo.xml C-x h M-w C-x b <RET> C-y plus some little editing.

On the whole it seems that I have only read 25 books in 8 months. Not quite the pace I'd like to keep up. I seem to have completely stopped reading in January, and only finished one book in February, so it's actually more like 24 books in 6 months, or somewhat under a book a week, which feels fairly reasonable to me.

It's also clear I haven't frequented the local library this year. It feels bit sad, but it seems that I have enough to read as it is.

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2 > 1

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I don't think I've posted an entry with two books since the very beginning in August, when the first post included a chunk of library history.

Life update

On my too-much-stuff-to-do front there isn't as much pressure as usually, since I finished my B.Sc. thesis. Now I'm concentrating on work, a school C++ project, and some other school stuff. Also, there is a potential trip to Japan looming on the horizon. It will needs planning at some point, but that can probably be deferred until Christmas.

On the B.Sc. front I still need to make a presentation, oppone someone else's presentation and write an essay about the thesis subject. The presentation is likely not that great a success, since the presentation group has dwindled from six people to just three. Not much of an audience, especially considering the subject is very technical in an obscure fashion even for a technical univerity.


I need to start more logs like this. Some ideas that come to mind are: photography, alcoholic beverages and movies. Writing out one's thoughts seems to be a good way to organize them.

Updated 208-12-07 18:55 Oops, the first posting had wrong id.

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Not done yet!

Updated at 2008-12-07T019:05:00+02:00

Hm, apparently I hadn't written this post yet. I thought I had.

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New look

Updated at 2008-11-26T02:00:00+02:00

I'm updating the look of the site, and moving the book listing onto a separate page.

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You little spies

Updated at 2008-11-20T16:52:00+02:00

Woo, finished another book. No time to chat.

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Book meme

Updated at 2008-11-13T08:55:00+03:00

Tutka onkin sekä meri- että ilmapurjehduksen arvokas apuväline toimittaessa pimeällä, sumussa ja pilvien läpi.

In English: Radar is a valuable instrument in both air and sea navigation when operating in the dark, in fog or through cloud cover.

Apparently the book meme requires one to

For me the nearest book was the one that this post is about. I had almost finished the book before stubmling upon this silly meme, so I finished up and thus had a chance to post! I had to use page 57 instead of page 56, since page 56 only contained illustrations.

I found this book at the local book exhibition. Excellent exhibition, but costly.

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The Heinlein connection

Updated at 2008-10-17T04:35:00+03:00

It seems that my book log doesn't support collections of short stories very well. Also, I need to read more so that I get the excuse to write more about personal things in these comment sections.

Photos from Moscow are still largely unprocessed. Too little time. B.Sc. paper is still largely unwritten. Too little time. Course work for the machine learning course is not yet even started. Too little time. Oh, and I guess I haven't read much either - except papers about transactional memory, but those don't count.

Besides not doing what I probably should've been doing, I've started watching Dexter. It seems to be good so far, though that is to be expected, considering the series' main theme. How could a TV show about a sane serial killer who happens to work in the police not be good?

While reading this book, I started thinking that there doesn't seem to be much scifi around, that would take the current world as its premise. In the 40s and 50s it seemed to be rather popular to extrapolate developments of the then world, and write about them.

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Three weeks later...

Updated at 2008-10-04T01:51:00+03:00

Long time no read. Well, I had other things to do, like seeing a bunch of movies, eating in Olde Hansa, touring museums in Russia, some studying and a bit of work. Luckily there isn't too much other stuff on the horizon now, so perhaps I'll get back to reading more.

Next on my reading list is Tomorrow, the Stars. Incidentally, it is edited by one Robert Heinlein the last of whose published works of fiction I completed in the last post. I completely forgot to celebrate, and didn't really even notice it then. Afterwards there was a sad feeling of completion, when I realized there really was nothing more to be read by the great author.

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Updated at 2008-09-14T10:03:00+03:00

So very quick read. IRL I visited the Helsinki comics festival, and I have in the order of 1000 pages of unread, unknown comics now. Perhaps I should start logging comics too?

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Cut short

Updated at 2008-09-10T22:45:00+03:00

The first week of school. Not much shoolwork yet. The perfect time to finish a novel before two furiously busy weeks of work, schoolwork, 17 18 movies to watch and a trip to Moscow and St. Petersburg. Not the Verne novel, though, but another Aubrey/Maturin piece. Next up, again before the Verne, is Space Cadet.

I also fixed the timestamps of the Atom entries.

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Interesting times

Updated at 2008-09-01T08:33:00+03:00

Two weeks with hardly any time to read. Novels anyway. I managed to study for an exam, and ploughed through the latest three volumes of the ultimate Barks collection though. I also watched 14 movies, worked, attended the Leningrad concert and took the aforementioned exam. Quite busy on the whole.

Despite obvious scheduling problems I managed to get halfway through a Verne book during the first week, but grew utterly bored with the style of writing. The O'Brian book proved an easier read, and a good excuse to post something here.

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Almost done with Heinlein

Updated at 2008-08-17T23:50:00+03:00

It seems that I was a bit early in thinking For Us, the Living was the last Heinlein story I hadn't read. Apparently I've also missed Space Cadet. Having now spent almost three hours crawling through the bibliography at Wikipedia and making sure I've read all the short stories, it seems that Space Cadet really is the only story remaining unread.

I think I started reading with Heinlein sometime in 2005, stumbling upon The Green Hills of Earth and Starship Troopers in a local library. Three years and in the order of 10000 pages later I feel sad that there are soon no more of his masterpieces to enjoy.

It will take some time until I can get my hands on Space Cadet. The only copy that was available in the regional libraries seems to have been lost in 2004, and neither of the big bookstores has it in stock here. Amazon thinks it will be here sometime between September 12 and October 2.

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Better Atom feed

Updated at 2008-08-15T03:12:00+03:00

I subscribed to my own feed and noticed that the updated timestamps were missing. The problem should now be fixed. I also changed the summary element to content element instead, since the content wasn't right for a summary anyway and added published timestamps to entries.

Update: Bumped all the entries' updated timestamps since they need to be reinterpreted by readers because of the change from summary to content.

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Slow reading

Updated at 2008-08-15T03:12:00+03:00

The potentially-unread For Us, the Living was easily found in a local library. I found some other interesting books too. One of them was a popular science book with an interesting name: Satunnaisuuden viidakot (The Jungles of Randomness). Based on the name I tought it would be a boring text on elementary statistics, but some of the contents were actually interesting. It was a slow read too, only a bit over 200 pages in a week or so. I think I'll try the Heinlein next for quicker satisfaction.

I also added support for comments on books to the blog system. They are shown directly in the book list currently, but perhaps I'll get around to adding some pop-up or pop-open panel for them so that the list does not get too cluttered.

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First real post!

Updated at 2008-08-15T03:12:00+03:00

I finished my first book since starting this log. Incidentally, I think this was the last "R.A.H story" I hadn't read. Or perhaps not. I think I have read For Us, the Living, but the short plot synopsis I glanced at looked quite unfamiliar. I guess I'll have to check it out, to see if my journey in Future History is complete or not.

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Added backend

Updated at 2008-08-15T03:12:00+03:00

Now both the book log page and the feed are generated from a single source instead of being hand-crafted. Perhaps they will not diverge now. I also added timestamps to to the book log page

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Added Atom feed

Updated at 2008-08-15T03:12:00-03:00

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Started blog

Updated at 2008-08-15T03:12:00+03:00

Obviously it's a book log, what else could blog mean?

I decided to start keeping log of the books I read. I'll start by adding the book I finished last night with somewhat accurate timestamps, the previous book with less-than-accurate end timestamp and the history of my library account without timestamps.

I'll exclude comics, scientific papers and audiobooks from the log for now. A separate log for comics might make sense, looking at my library log. My library log also seems to go back less than a year. So much good information lost :(

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